App Friday: Moozart for iPad

Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. This week we get to inspire young composers with Moozart, a musical composition tool that helps sheet music come to life. Before you know it, piano lessons will be the most popular topic in your household. Happy App Friday!

What is Moozart about? Moozart is all about barnyard animals teaching your child the basics of making music and the musical staff. Its “moozical” staff is as simple to use as dragging barnyard animals onto the staff. The animals sing their sounds in tune with their location on the staff and right in time with the beat of the song. Moozart allows your children to play their own creative compositions or explore and manipulate one of the many bundled songs. Moozart replaces the boring dots and lines of the typical musical staff with bright, colorful and adorable barnyard animals. Cute and kiddo-friendly music composition might be what inspires your child to be the next great composer!

Why is it special? Writing music can be complex, even boring for some children, especially younger ones. We felt that the iPad platform offered an attractive and intuitive way to allow younger children to easily experiment with music creation. By removing some of the complexities of standard sheet music, such as time signatures, flats and sharps, and even standard musical notation itself, Moozart makes music composition easier and more engaging for your children.

What’s in it for me?

More App News Vito Technology, the creators of StarWalk, are promoting Geo Walk for iPhone and iPad this App Friday. Geo Walk is a pictorial encyclopedia of interesting people, places and things in our world. It uses a moveable globe to explore the earth, and then you can tap on items of interest. Let them know what you think!

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