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Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. Today, Karen Morss of Poodle Dog Productions is gifting her original Christmas book to the world! As an entrepreneur, pilot, orchardess, and poodle owner, Karen’s life experience lends zest to any story. Available in hardcover and via iPad app, Flying Poodles – A Christmas Story is a delightful introduction to the season. We hope you enjoy it!

What is your app about?  Two nights before Christmas and the reindeer get the flu! What is Santa to do? A new Christmas classic inspired by the Poodles who ran the Iditarod race in Alaska 1988-91 and a standard poodle named Sophie who loved to fly. Written by Karen Morss and Illustrated by Ginger Nielson,  Flying Poodles is an updated take on the beloved poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’. For more about the author, see this story from the Peninsula Press. For more information about the illustrator, please visit

“So let us remember, it’s good to explore. Be true to your word forevermore. Be brave when you need to, help a friend when you might. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Flight!”

Why is it special?  This story is a tale of emergency, rescue, adventure, and the most adorable cast of characters to meet Christmas in ages! It’s also a story of courage, bravery and friendship.

Flying Poodles offers Read To Me with narration, and music with page swiping. Read Myself lets your child read the story, with or without music. Meet the Poodles introduces the poodles in the story with narrations from Karen’s favorite kids in the neighborhood. The Flying Poodles website offers an activity page with pictures to color, a maze, and poodle stickers for your little ones.

What’s in it for me? For App Friday December 10th , Flying Poodles – A Christmas Story, is Karen’s gift to the world! Download for *Free* until the app reverts back to regular price (which is usually about 8pm US Pacific Time on iTunes). Children, Poodles lovers, dog lovers, Christmas lovers – we hope you will enjoy the story of the Flying Poodles!

Interested in other FREE Holiday Apps? Did you know that Gray Kitty Christmas Kitten, and Christmas Eve by So Oaut, are ALWAYS free? Go check them out!


  • Snow Wonder – Build A Snowman –  Snow Wonder is a winter playground where you can build your own snowman and play in the snow. Special 50% off ($.99 from $1.99) for App Friday December 10th. 
  • Jellybean Tunes Holiday Edition – This colorful and fun app that lets young children play Christmas carols and create their own songs while learning the basics of sight reading music.  The app will be on sale for 99 cents throughout the weekend.  
  • A Holiday Piano Book: Jingle Bells by StoryBoy– An interactive and illustrated holiday piano book that will get kids into the holiday spirit by teaching them how to play a familiar favorite, Jingle Bells. FREE for App Friday Dec. 10th.
  • Christmas Art for Kids– Create fun, colorful e-cards and send them this holiday season to loved ones. Rotate, re-size, drag the shapes and choose from 10 popping colors to make interesting patterns and fun collages. FREE for App Friday December 10th.
  • A Present for Mil0– The interactive cat-chases-mouse story is ideal for pre-readers and young readers. A Present for Milo provides a fun, engaging read-to or read-aloud experience – on sale for the first two weeks for $1.99.
  • Speech with Milo: Verbs – NEW RELEASE for Speech Therapy – a versatile and entertaining speech therapy tool for children. $2.99 on iTunes.
  • Esa’s dog is eager to meet the Flying Poodles as soon as his new sewing app is out. Stay tuned for details!

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3 thoughts on “App Friday: Flying Poodles”

  1. I have enjoyed being part of this group even as an app user and speech/language pathologist. I can find lots to use with younger kids but not so much with 4th grade and up. Here are a couple of things I am looking for- an app like the game simon says for following verbal directions (touch your nose, etc. And one where you need to rearrange pictures or sentences in the correct sequence.  Anything out there?

  2. Thanks so much to everyone at MWA for sharing the story of The Flying Poodles!

    Onward, Poodles!

    PS We will be reading the story at the Redwood Shores Library Sunday Dec 12 from 1-3PM with Santa. The Poodles will not be flying at this event.

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