App Friday: Thumbelina by Touchoo

Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. Today we unveil a free look at Thumbelina, the 2nd title released from Touchoo. The storybooks produced by Touchoo are intended to let the user be an active part of the storytelling experience. Founded by a group of four parents, Touchoo advocates family time, story time, and developmentally beneficial products for our kids.

What is your app about? Thumbelina is a magical adventure that lets the reader be an active part of the story. It’s a beautifully-crafted adaptation of the H.C. Andersen classic, where the good-hearted Thumbelina gets into all kinds of trouble. This is exactly where the emphatic reader can step in and save the day: help her sail on the water, fly on the gentle swallow, of surface out from the mole’s tunnel. Here’s a little spoiler: there’s a happy end to this story.

Why is it special? As the interactions play into the story, the reader can truly feel a part of it, sympathize with little Thumbelina and be immersed into the story. Since its launch and until now, Thumbelina is a top seller in many countries: top 10 in 10 countries and top 40¬† in over 30 countries. The app can be read as a classic book (no narration), you can use the great built-in voiceover narration, or you can have lots of fun recording your own version. Check out little India, one of Thumbelina’s fans, having fun with
the self-recording option: More¬†than anything – it’s a fun, carefully-made and updated version of the classic fairytale, that both kids and parents love reading and sharing. With versions in Spanish, French, German and Japanese, Thumbelina is a great asset for bi-lingual families.

What’s in it for me? For App Friday, December 3rd, Thumbelina for iPhone, and Thumbelina for iPad, will be FREE to download on the iTunes App Store. Don’t hesitate, the app will revert back to regular pricing by 8pm US Pacific Time on December 3rd.

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