The World Of Apps: Helping You Find That Needle In The Haystack

Pick a child, any child that you know. Maybe they need some practice with math facts, or geography, or communication. You look at your iPhone and iPad, and hope to locate the “perfect” app to help with your situation. But where do you start? Some people ask friends or family members. Some head to app review sites. Some try the App Store.  You read the reviews, and download a few apps. Basically, you gamble. But you come away with your brain feeling like this:

The developers at Moms With Apps, many of who are parents and educators themselves, think there is a better way. Coming soon to your iPhone will be a Moms With Apps App Catalog, a mobile directory of apps broken down by category. Our goal is to meet your specific family needs with a specific list of apps, right at your fingertips.

So wish us luck. We’re working hard as parent-app-developer-volunteers, to pull this off. And while you’re at it, commend Lynette from PicPocketBooks for building this visual haystack, and Andrew at BabyBinks for coding an app solution that will make many families very, very  happy. Three cheers for another amazing year at Moms With Apps!

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