App Friday: PictoFun!

Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. This week we are featuring the Mom Duo from Appsnminded and their app PictoFun! Featured in the LA Times back in June, Cara and Jen have been serving up a sea of apps that especially resonate with tween girls (Curious? check out their facebook page and see the fan support!). Besides their own apps, they also produce apps for clients, and provide Appsolutely Easy resources for turning app ideas into reality.

What is your app about? PictoFun! is a visual association game for toddlers and young children packed with cute animations and unexpected fun. What “belongs” with a monkey? A flower, pirate or a banana? A banana of course! If the user chooses the right association, they are rewarded with a mini animation that always has an unexpected twist. As an added feature, this app contains PictoMatch – the classic game of concentration that uses the images from PictoFun!

Why is it special? PictoFun! has playful animations like a Flash Dancing hot dog, a cow that serves up chocolate milk, and a spider that “will work for bugs”.  These mini-stories delight the children as they try to match “what belongs with what.” By displaying visual and word associations in a cute and kid-friendly way, learning and fun become one.

What’s in it for me? For App Friday October 8th, PictoFun! is FREE to download on the iTunes App Store. But don’t delay, regular pricing usually resumes by 8pm US Pacific Time.

More Good Stuff Besides the wide selection of snazzy apps from Appsnminded, there is another special in the house just for App Friday. Stephanie of IAGmedia is promoting her app Let’s Go Chipper for $2.99 (regular price $4.99).  Let’s Go Chipper is an eco-educational app that helps excite and ready kids for camping, hiking, and connections with nature. 10% of the app goes back to Leave No Trace.  The initial download includes:  30-minute animated movie “Into the Great Outdoors”; 2 eco-groove music videos ; eReader “Into the Great Outdoors”; and a coloring pack. Special $2.99 pricing will last through Tuesday, October 11th, 2010.

App Friday Link Exchange Our goal at Moms With Apps is to spread the word about family-friendly apps. Do YOU have a favorite app to share? Please participate in our link exchange and post it down below. Include the app name in the Link Title, your email, and a URL to the app. Thanks for your participation!

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