Looking for an App Developer?

Maybe you have an app idea, but are not sure where to start? There are developers at Moms With Apps who have made their own apps, and who also develop apps for clients. Here are some contacts to get you started…

Matthew Kicinski from Artgig Studio/Artgig Apps Artgig Apps is the mobile app development arm of Artgig Studio. We’re a polished team of creatives and developers, augmented by a super-talented network to handle projects of all sizes. We have over 15 years experience in developing games, websites and apps for our clients, along with our own homegrown creations. Artgig’s core team (Matthew Kicinski, Steven Grosmark and Lis Cherry) met while working for US Publisher Houghton-Mifflin, creating, designing and developing kids educational games for schools. A few years later, we formed Artgig, and we’ve been working together ever since. Along the way, we added web designer/developer/hardhat Jim Bail. Individually, we’ve moved houses several times, moved countries once, added three new babies and three new cars, and now our Artgig family is extended and intercontinental. Our clients also love that we have a night shift (in Australia, where Lis is today). Since starting Artgig, we’ve been fortunate to do some great interactive projects for an interesting range of clients, from Juno award winning jazz musicians to Educational Publishers to the John F Kennedy Library – lots of custom work, lots of websites and lots of games. We created Artgig Apps in 2010 to focus on developing apps of our own along with apps for our clients. And now we’re making lots of apps. So check us out – you’ll find our reputation is stellar. And get in touch if you’ve got an idea for an app and you need a development team. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact email: mattkic@artgig.com

Steve Gradman from Mrs. Judd’s Games: With more than 91% of kids age 2-12 playing video games, the time is perfect for your organization to partner with us to create a quality educational product for your demographic. Our calling card is customization: We seamlessly integrate brand-relevant images, themes, actions and rewards into games, creating an opportunity for real-time feedback and rewards for the player/consumer. We Are Experts In:  Child-centric Game Design – With more than 27 years of experience in the classroom and 10 years creating apps of all kinds, we can assure sound educational content and pedagogy appropriate for your target. We immerse your target in a fun education experience on any platform. Marketing we have in-house MBA talent with fortune 100 CPG experience to help identify and address your marketing challenge via a gaming experience. Project Management – Full product lifecycle support from launch to program completion. Reaching and Understanding Mom – Our COPPA compliant proprietary Juddly™ system delivers in-game achievements and creations from the child to mom with a marketing message or offer only visible to mom.  US Based – Our core team is located right in Chicago and available when you are. For more information on partnership opportunities or to learn more about how you or your company can work with Mrs. Judd’s Games, drop us a note at mrsjuddsgames@kboomgames.com today to learn more.

Patrick Larsson of Happi Papi Happi Papi was created in 2010 by members of WannaPlay, Europe’s first DVD-game studio. Over the last 10 years we have worked with high profile client’s on creating digital blockbuster games like different national versions of Planet Earth, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars and Guinness World Records. Since starting to develop apps we have created six educational games for kids, five of which have been featured by Apple in various App Stores around the world. We do most of our production in-house but over the years we have built a network of reliable people enabling us to take on larger projects as well. We develop for iOS, OS X, Android (and the web) using mainly Cocos2d-x and Unity 3D for easy porting also to other platforms such as Windows Phone and Blackberry. Happi Papi has offices in Tampa, Florida and Malmo, Sweden. If you think that we can help you on your next project, please send us an email: info@happipapi.com. To learn more about us visit http://happipapi.com.

John Tran from Continuous Integration: Continuous Integration, Inc. is a software development company specializing in custom application development and consulting. We offer solutions to businesses utilizing leading-edge technology and provide a wide range of services from iOS and Android mobile development to AJAX enabled web applications, cloud computing, and Big Data.  John Tran is one of the co-founders of Continuous Integration, Inc. with over 14 years of software development experience.  Since 2010, we have built chart-topping apps and games such as Stock Wars, Word Ball, and Angry Gophers that have been featured by Apple and Amazon in their respective App Stores.  We look forward to exploring new opportunities and would love to help bring your next project to life.  You can visit us online at http://www.cidevelop.com or contact us via email: john{at)cidevelop.{com}.


Yadong Liu from KwiqApps KwiqApps Inc. is a leading developer of applications and games on mobile devices that create an engaging and rewarding learning experience for today’s young learners. Since 2010, many of our apps have been featured by Apple in the iTunes App Store and reached top 10 ranking in their respective categories, including Word Search for Young Readers, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and Noodle Words – Action Set 1 (published by NoodleWorks) etc. Yadong Liu is the founder and CEO of KwiqApps and he has over 12 years of experience in software development and marketing. We welcome the opportunity to work with future clients and partners to create more Apps for kids and families. Check us out online at http://www.kwiqapps.com or contact us by email: yadong@kwiqapps.com

Alan Rodriguez from Crumpeta Founder and principal of Crumpeta Consulting, Alan has completed projects for major brands since 1997: 3M, 3M Post-It® Notes, 3M Meeting Network, Symbol Technologies, among others. Alan is an experienced software developer with a wide range of skills including e-commerce, usability, Drupal and mobile app development. As the CTO of eyeglasses.com, he invented the “lens wizard” to help customers buy prescription eyewear online; the “lens wizard” has now become a standard across eyewear websites. In addition to developing sites for numerous household brands such as 3M’s Post-it® Notes, Alan has developed custom credit card processing systems for high volume transaction sites, custom content management systems and mobile and tablet apps. Expert at solving complex technical problems, Alan has often acted as an outsourced CTO for various companies in need of technical leadership via his website design and development company based in Stamford, CT. Alan received his Mathematics and Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence degree from Vassar College. Contact: alan@crumpeta.com

Sooinn Lee at LocoMotive Labs Locomotive Labs designs exceptional assistive and play-based learning applications to empower kids with special needs to be independent learners. We are an independent mobile education app developer looking for clients and partners with a similar vision to elevate the digital learning experience for all children including children with special needs. Before founding LocoMotive Labs, Inc., the team developed and launched three award-winning and top-selling/grossing educational iPad apps under the name Project Injini at NCSoft. Titles include Injini Child Development Game Suite, My First AAC, and Write My Name. In January 2012, we launched our first app title under LocoMotive Labs called Kid in Story Book Maker which was featured in the App Store’s “New and Noteworthy” and “What’s Hot” sections for 9 weeks and is currently listed in the Special Education Literacy and Learning section. Our services include concept, usability and production. Our expert team of game designers, programmers, graphic artists, and sound engineers are ready and eager to partner with you on your next project. Contact: info(at)locomotivelabs(dot)com, website: http://locomotivelabs.com

Omar Curiëre  from OCG Studios. Founded in 2010 and a subsidiary from OC Graphics.  Since 1997 building 3D interactive websites and 3D games. OCG Studios is full-service creative, interactive app developer from concept, design, development and artwork. We are specialized in educational and fun apps for children all ages. Our expertise includes 3d characters and animation. Our series of Roxie Munro apps have won several awards including runner-app best kids game 2011. Since the end of 2012 we offer D.Y.O. this mean “develop our own”. Whereby the artist or writer can prepare a lot of the actual app themselves, saving a lot of money and still have a high quality professional storybook app. The DYO framework includes all the parts a storybook app needs, VO, text highlighting, multiple languages, animation, sound and lot more even some mini-games. Our main goal is to make beautiful and amazing apps. Check us out at www.ocgstudios.com or contact us directly at info@ocgstudios.com.

Andrew Kao of 77SPARX Studio We are a Northern California based studio that focus on creating educational games for kids. Our specialty is in creating animated and highly engaging 2-D apps for both iOS and Android platforms. In addition, I have had extensive experience running sizable client projects in the past (eg AT&T Wireless), so I know how to work with large clients. We understand the importance of scope, timeline, and budget. We have the process and know how to deliver successful projects for clients. To get a sense of our technical abilities, I encourage those interested to check out our Puzzingo series of interactive puzzle games, both paid and free+iap apps, on both iOS and Android. http://www.77sparx.com Contact: akao@77sparx.com.

Kenneth Johnson from Zephyr Games Zephyr Games is an independent development and publishing house that is always looking for clients with great ideas or existing brands that they would like to bring to the mobile marketplace. From children’s educational applications, to social and mobile solutions for brick and mortar locations, with over 30 years of combined experience in children’s games and interactive solutions for the web and mobile/handheld devices our team is committed to creating high quality unique products that stand out from the rest with amazing animation, audio quality, and superb usability. We have already produced several apps in the iTunes app store, and are enrolled in the iPhone Development Program as well as contracted with AFTRA, so we can handle your project from start to finish. We also take pride in promoting and marketing each project we work with, and are certain you will find your experience with us to be an enjoyable and positive relationship. Contact
email: kenny@zephyr-games.com

Jane Scarano from Staytoooned Publishing Staytoooned full service publishing takes your brilliant idea and transforms it into Mobile App complete with animation, narration and music. Not a programmer, but have great content and ideas for a mobile app? Don’t have the resources or expertise to produce a polished app within your budget? We can meet your full service needs and take your mobile app idea and turn it into a best seller in the App Store. Since we have already produced several apps and are currently enrolled in the iPhone Development Program, we have access to the latest iPhone SDK and understand how the process works in submitting apps to iTunes. Our high caliber team of programmers, sound engineers, animators, graphic designers and voice over artists produce apps that top the charts in the iTunes App Store. Contact email: jane@araize.com

Vanessa Kaplan of Kiupe  We are a team of 4 based in France with a great experience in video game design and development. We also have a experience in animation and cartoon movies. Our goal is to provide engaging experiences with games that include a narrative storyline, lots of learning and captivating interactivity. We produce and publish our own apps and want to build universes with strong characters. You can contact us by email: vanessa@kiupe.com

Nicole from RipplFX RipplFX is a mobile app developer and trans-media production company. RipplFX is currently producing a series of mobile apps and transmedia strategies for the publishing, education, and entertainment industries. From Concept to finish we offer services for content production and mobile app development for distribution across multiple platforms for books, games and films for children’s education and family entertainment. The RipplFX team has 30 years experience in animation, art, education, family entertainment, gaming, publishing, marketing and technology. Our team members and partners have previously worked for Adobe Flash, Autodesk, Disney, Discovery Kids, Electronic Arts, Fox Kids TV, ILM, Jim Henson, and Universal Studios. Collectively the team has produced 25 apps for iOS and Android for games, storybooks, and film projects in education and entertainment. Our expertise is in animation, casting VO, game design,  programming in multiple languages and frameworks, sound design and production,marketing and UI (User Interface) design and interactivity. We design and produce mobile prod­ucts that enhance inter­ac­tiv­ity in sto­ry­telling, to cre­ate an engag­ing and enter­tain­ing experience on all platforms. Contact Nicole at ripplfx@gmail.com.

Simon from Serious Games Interactive Serious Games Interactive is an award-winning, research-based developer of games, apps, simulations and virtual worlds. We offer a unique blend of competences within games, learning and storytelling. Our focus is to use technology and game mechanics to bring ideas to life and deliver engaging learning experiences. We work with corporations, state agencies, NGOs and other organizations to meet our clients’ specific needs and create results for them and for the end-users. You can a lot more about what we have done on www.seriousgames.dk and www.upsidedowngames.eu. Contact: Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen, CEO sen@seriousgames.dk

Rosalie Blank from PlayScience PlayScience is a research, consulting, and innovation firm on a mission to break down the walls between industry innovators, academics, and consumers. We are passionate about helping organizations create groundbreaking play and entertainment products that have a positive impact, especially for kids and families. Our interactive team has provided conceptual design, consulting, and research services for hundreds of  digital media products, such as iPhone and iPad apps, virtual worlds, video or computer games, mobile applications, and film or television projects. At PlayScience, one of our main goals is to understand what kids and families find entertaining (and why!),  and to employ a consumer-driven design and research  process to best serve our client’s needs. We also conduct user testing on all of our projects throughout the design and development process using our proprietary child-centered research facility, the PlayLab. If you’re interested in playing with us please contact Rosalie (at) PlayScienceLab.com.

Erin Rackelman from Night & Day Studios Night & Day Studios, Inc. is a mobile software development company. We have experience developing games and entertainment software for publishers, networks, and mass audiences, and we have also been iPhone app developers since day one. We have produced educational software and media for organizations such as Nickelodeon and the Smithsonian, as well as our own bestselling iPhone apps including Peekaboo Barn (kids’ game), Quibble (puzzle game), and My Very First App (based on the artwork of Eric Carle). We have also secured the licensing rights to develop games based on Richard Scarry’s Busy Town, Yo Gabba Gabba, Caillou, Charley Harper, and Ed Emberley. We have over 40 apps in development for the iPhone, iPad, and Android. We represent a collective of 30 associates from the academic, artistic, technical, and corporate worlds, with backgrounds in game design and software development, graphic design and marketing, music composition and sound, illustration, animation, and media production. Nat Sims is the founder, president, and Creative Director for Night & Day Studios. He has been a content developer and media designer for 20 years, creating educational software, graphic design, games, videos, and music. Erin Rackelman is a partner and Marketing Director for Night & Day Studios. She has worked in marketing, sales, and PR for 10 years and has created an extensive network of relationships with editors, bloggers, reviewers, and parent interest groups in the app market. Drop us a line:erin@nightanddaystudios.com.

Paul Argent from Milo Creative We’re a creative interactive design & development studio based in London, UK that specialise in the creation of interactive products for mobile and web. We’re passionate about creating playful, creative & useful products that delight, empower & educate users and have been crafting experiences for children for over 10 years, working with some big brands including BBC, CBBC, CBeebies, Lego, V&A and Science Museum. We offer a high value full service solution from concept development, design, programming to marketing your app and follow a user-centered approach to design where we regularly test with users throughout the product development process. We’ve developed a range of our own apps for children and parents that have each been featured in the App Store’s New & Noteworthy and What’s Hot sections. Contact email: argy@milocreative.com

SmartyShortz LLC is a premier boutique mobile development firm focused on the education and families. We both develop and release our own apps as well as bring your ideas to the world! We have or are in the process of developing and/ or released over 20 applications on the Apple iTunes store, Android Marketplace, Windows Mobile and Blackberry App Exchange. Our focus is ease-of-use, fast time to utilization and pixel reduction – the art of only including as much on the screen that the user might need to “get” the application and start using it. Our developers are seasoned Enterprise and Web developers that now exclusively focus on mobile development with some web backend for database storage as well as tracking/ authenticating. We develop mobile applications that contain static content, game based theory as well as offline and online synchronization of content.  We are educators, designers, project managers, government experts, providers as well as benefits experts, coders, marketers and launch experts to ensure that ideas become reality and are not only available on the iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms but also and more importantly manage the launch, integration and maintenance of these important mobile applications on the corresponding stores. Our experience to date includes the successful development, launch and maintenance of multiple applications across both the mobile and web-space. That said, the development and coding of an application is not the entire project – the successful utilization, gathering of feedback and iterative maintenance and development – are key. Contact Jill at jill@smartyshortz.com.

Apple’s iOS Dev Center Don’t forget that Apple’s Developer Connection is the online headquarters for app developers, and many resources are available to find out what it takes to get started on your app.

Find Your Favorite App If there is an app you like, try contacting the developer. Contact information or a support website should be provided on the iTunes Store listing for their app. Tell them what you like about their app, and inquire if they are taking contract work. At the very least, maybe they can provide some information to help you get started.

Good Luck!!! And when you’re all done, come back and visit us at Moms With Apps!

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  2. If you are looking for an app developer to hire, check out AppTank!

    Don’t want to waste a lot of space here so just go check out the site. It speaks for itself.

  3. We’ve been developing software for early childhood and special needs since 1983 and do custom development for iOS, Mac and Windows. Making programs specifically designed for youngsters is our specialty. We know how to write for young minds and tiny fingers!

  4. We would like to add our company to the list. Appnific is a great choice for new entrepreneurs trying to break into this space, as we offer very cost effective solutions that most of our clients need when they start.

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  6. Wow, great post. Finding a developer, even locally isn’t always easy and this is a great resource. I’m also an independent developer interested in taking on new projects. Take a look at my website to see what I’ve done: http://www.andrewhoyer.com

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

  7. It’s key to remember that when you’re looking for an app developer in the children’s space, it’s best to work with a firm that has education experience and the best-practices of designing appropriate interfaces and interactions for kids.

    Everything from icons and wording to rewards and encouragement are things that need special consideration when developing for the kids’ space, not to mention sensitivity to ads and in-app sales.

    So it’s not just about coding chops….be sure the firm you work with has a proven understand of kids AND parents want in an appropriate app (especially with the ever-changing COPPA and privacy guidelines for the children’s app marketplace).


    Bean Creative Funktional Web & Interactive Design

    Developer of the #1 kids education app, PBS KIDS SuperWhy, and the hit series of Fancy Nancy apps for HarperCollins

  8. Hi,
    I would like to add our company “Vijay Global Services” to this list.
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  9. Hi, If you are looking for developer please contact us at contact@zibrasoft.com We are a Offshore software and mobile application Development Company based in India and we work on very competitive price. you can work with us for fixed project as well as you can hire dedicated developer.

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  10. Hi,

    This is Lokesh.

    Let me do a small Introduction about us:
    We have been producing mobile applications for over 5 years and are now pleased to offer contract development services for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android and we are responsible for design, development and deployment of application.

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  11. I would like to add my startup company to the list of app developers for children with a learning disability on the autism spectrum. Live 2 Learn Differently LLC is somewhat different from other companies in that my apps are IEP based. Teachers write Individual Education Plans for children with autism and my apps are based on the needs in a child’s IEP from schools. My apps also have tools that allow parents to monitor the child’s progress in mastering skills that the app aids with learning. Apps are sensory friendly with sounds and visuals. Please check out my company at my website.

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