App Friday: Sleeping With The Laundry: Notes from the Mommy Track

Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. This week is a tribute to Motherhood through the voice of Margee Moore, author of the iPhone/iPad app Sleeping With the Laundry: Notes from the Mommy Track. If you’ve ever found yourself flustered after a long day of parenting, Margee’s upbeat yet down-to-earth message will put things in perspective. So tuck the kids in, put your feet up (on a pile of unfolded clothes), and embrace a little mommy-time leisure reading!

What is your app about? Sleeping with the Laundry provides a humorous look at parenthood in short, easy-to-read narratives. This 5-star rated app provides a refreshing look at life on the mommy track from syndicated columnist Margee Moore. From surviving potty training to keeping romance in the marriage, each chapter serves up an issue of modern parenting and puts it in perspective.

Why is it special? Technology is making it easier than ever for tech-savvy moms to feel more connected. The stories in Sleeping With the Laundry help moms know they are not alone. Sleeping With the Laundry is about prioritizing family, work and balance over being everything to everyone. As we women do more and more, something’s ‘gotta give. Hopefully it’s just the laundry and you may find yourself sleeping with piles of it too. If this sounds like you, get the app, take a break, and enjoy a laugh (or two). You deserve it. Now available on the iPad too!

What’s in it for me? For App Friday August 27th, Sleeping With The Laundry for both the iPhone and iPad will be FREE TO DOWNLOAD. But don’t procrastinate, the app will revert back to regular pricing by 8pm US Pacific Time on the iTunes App  Store.

Other Book Apps that are also FREE for App Friday August 27th! If you are engrossed by your new book purchase, and your kids are looking for some reading material too, try this FREE-for-a-limited-time selection of PicPocket Books. Check out BlueBeary, What a Pest! , and Yum! Yum! Yum! for an engaging selection of children’s books.

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