App Friday: MathGirl Number Garden

Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. This week we are improving our counting skills with MathGirl Number Garden, just in time for Back to School. The mother/daughter team behind the MathGirl series hit it out of the park when Apple picked them for New & Noteworthy right after launch.  How wonderful is this app? Let’s count the ways!

What is your app about? MathGirl Number Garden is a cute, fun exploration of numbers for girls ages 4 to 40.  With 12 levels for up to four players, you are shown objects and then click how many. The faster you go, the more stars you earn. You can play levels more than once to get faster and earn more stars. With stars you can “buy”  flowers, dragonflies, butterflies, a bunny,  and more, and then arrange and save them in your very own garden. By the 12th level,  you can buy a treehouse and magic pond.

Why is it special? Experience an “aha!” when you discover that the game is not about counting but about recognizing number groupings. Little girls add and multiply without knowing it.  Also, the garden is just too cute. You can plant your flowers, rearrange them, and even sell them back for other items. Girls love to collect and then creatively rearrange their prizes.

What’s in it for me? For App Friday August 20th, you can DOWNLOAD MATHGIRL NUMBER GARDEN FOR FREEdirectly from iTunes. But don’t wait too long, the app reverts back to regular price by 8pm US Pacific Standard Time.

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1 thought on “App Friday: MathGirl Number Garden”

  1. This is a really cute app that will help your little girl learn to quickly recognize and add (multiply) number groupings. The graphics are attractive and the reward of adding prizes to the garden scene is a nice incentive to keep trying more difficult challenge levels.

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