A is for Apps: Back to School at Moms With Apps

The Back to School season is here, and the developers at Moms With Apps have been extremely busy creating content to help us transition into another year of learning. We are SO excited to share this selection of interactive, educational apps for your iDevices!






GETTING PREPARED It doesn’t stop here. Preparation is part of success. Explain the new routine with an app that illustrates transitions like iCommunicate. In addition, discuss diversity to get kids comfortable with all of the wonderful people they will meet via Who Am I? After that? Go to bed early and get a good nights sleep! 🙂

We hope you enjoy these apps. If you have ideas for more, please leave a note in the blog comments. Best of luck for the new school year, and check back for more ideas during the holidays!

7 Replies to “A is for Apps: Back to School at Moms With Apps”

  1. Thanks for the list, it’s a great one full of great fun educational apps. I tried severaland really like Math Girls, it is fun and innovative. The iLive series is ideal to work out math word problem. For learning the Alphabet really enjoyed playing with Charles Peattie’s Animal Alphabet, and Interactive Alphabet (for iPad). Another one the kids loved is FacesiMakes where the kids can express their creativity.
    Will make sure to review all the others. Thanks.

  2. Thank you so much for putting together this list. We are starting school next week and plan to use these apps to supplement our K, 1st grade, and 7th grade teaching material.

  3. As always, professional and thorough – this is a great list.
    Thank you for mentioning Faces iMake and for making such a great face !

    Looking at this list of apps and I’m amazed to see how easy it is to thing and iMagin something and a great and wonderful app – comes up.

    I’m sure that a lot of love was put into each and every one of these apps and it shows.

    Thank you for the list and thank you ALL ! for making learning and exploring such a great ride.

    And on a side note – good luck for the parents with the new year that is coming !!!

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