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Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. This week we are on our best behavior  with iEarnedThat, an app that helps kids set and accomplish goals using a foundation of positive reinforcement. So much of modern life is characterized by instant gratification, but this particular team of experts developed a tool to encourage traditional work ethics in an innovative, interactive and modern way.

What is your app about? Developed by a Pediatrician and parent, iEarnedThat is a motivational tool to help children develop desirable behaviors by working towards tangible goals. Our hope in designing this app was to allow the child and parent to work cooperatively toward a reward of their choice upon meeting a goal, such as doing homework or chores.

Why is it special? A picture can be downloaded from the internet, taken with a camera or accessed from the iPhone’s photo album. It’s then magically turned into a 3D jigsaw puzzle of up to 60 pieces depending upon the task at hand. The concept is, have a child earn their reward one puzzle piece at a time. iEarnedThat provides instant, ongoing positive reinforcement and engages and sustains attention, while promoting creativity, self-expression and goal-oriented thinking. Above all else, quite simply, it’s fun and kids love it.

What’s in it for me? Breath new life into your dusty star chart by DOWNLOADING iEarnedThat for FREE THIS APP FRIDAY, JULY 30th! The  entire family can get in on the action, set their goals, and work on accomplishing them together as a team by completing their individual puzzles. iEarnedThat can be whatever you and your little one want it to be. End the summer on a high note!

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