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Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. Today we are featuring iComm from Mias Apps.  The developer, Martin Brooks, made this app as a communication aid for his daughter Mia, and their story is no less than inspirational. iComm is an example of how apps developed for people with special needs can make a tremendous difference in daily life (and not just for those it’s intended – but for others as well).

What is your app about? The iComm is an iPhone application aimed at providing an affordable, custom built and easy to use communication system using words (both written and spoken) and personalized pictures. It is ideal for children under three until they are able to express their needs through well formed speech. The iComm is also very useful for children with a broad range of disabilities who have trouble communicating such as cerebral palsy or autism.

Why is it special?One of the key things that makes the iComm so unique is the content is provided by the user. What this means is that the child is much more engaged with the images and words, which in turn means they are more motivated to use it, communicate more and learn faster. Specifically:

  • All content in easy to find categories; 20 in full version, 9 in the free version
  • Complete flexibility to add, edit or change categories as your child’s needs, taste’s and learning levels change
  • You can add your own pictures (and voice in full version) to heighten child engagement
  • Confirm all choices with a yes/ no screen for more accuracy of communication
  • Watch the videos to see the iComm in action by clicking on the orange buttons (remember to turn your speakers on)
  • Upgrade to full iComm to get audio files, more categories and more storage frames
  • What’s in it for me? iComm has always had a basic free version and an upgrade option of $7.99 (£4.99). But for App Friday July 23rd, Martin is offering the upgrade (or “in app purchase”) at a specially priced $0.99 cents (£0.59). So what are you waiting for? iComm basic version is FREE! Go DOWNLOAD and try it out! [Note: iTunes special pricing usually reverts back to original pricing by 8pm US Pacific Time]

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    App Friday Link Exchange Our goal at Moms With Apps is to spread the word about family-friendly apps. Do YOU have a favorite app to share? Please participate in our link exchange and post it down below. Include the app name in the Link Title, your email, and a URL to the app. Thanks for your participation!

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    1. My daughter loved this App! I really like that you can pick different difficulty levels, how many rewards given, and it saves the information so you can see what your child knows. I also use it in therapy and the kids love it!

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