App Friday: Faces iMake

Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. Today we are featuring Faces iMake from iMagine Machine. This creative app was inspired by the artist Hanoch Piven, and once you see it, you’ll realize just how well this app encourages the artist in all of us. So get ready, grab your nearest iPhone palette, and let’s make a masterpiece!

What is your app about? The simple premise of the game is making faces with everyday objects. It was developed by iMagine Machine in conjunction with the artist Hanoch Piven, and is based on his artistic collage style and art workshops he has successfully conducted for the last 10 years. Faces iMake is about art and play.

Why is it special? With Faces iMake you can create fun faces out of everyday stuff. A banana for a mouth. Lettuce for hair. Toy wheels for eyes. Through Hanoch’s work, Faces iMake inspires and empowers people to make art in a highly accessible way. It is a game and art workshop rolled into one. Some features include:

  • Collage lessons filmed in Hanoch Piven’s studio in Barcelona.
  • Unlimited possibilities: select from over 150 different items (food, toys, tools, and more) to make faces.
  • Avatar maker: sharing the face you make through various venues (Facebook, email, etc.).
  • Original song and sound effects.

What’s in it for me? Did you know that Faces iMake is currently FREE on the iTunes App Store? There is no ticking clock this App Friday, so unleash your inner artist by DOWNLOADING Faces iMake, right from this LINK, and spread the word! Once you’ve tried it, don’t forget to upload your creations to the Faces iMake Facebook Page!

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