App Friday: Madera & Figaro Save The Day

Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. Today we are featuring Madera & Figaro Save the Day, an interactive storybook adventure with fun superhero characters Madera Monkey andFigaro Frog. The second in the series from Lyn and Line, Save the Day is making waves on the iTunes charts and is turning out to be a big hit with families. Let’s go see what these superheroes have been up to!

What is your app about? Madera & Figaro Save The Day is an interactive picture book. The app is an original story about a monkey named Madera andher best friend, a frog named Figaro, and their adventure to clean up their town after a big storm. Each page is filled with interactive elements for your child to discover. It contains a number of small mini games that aim to teach numbers, letters, colors, matching, and counting. It has been featured by Apple as “New And Noteworthy” in several countries including the US, the UK, and Canada. It was also featured as “What’s Hot” in the US.

Why is it special?We feel Save The Day is special because of how interactive it is. It is a storybook, but it was written and designed to take full advantage of the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch screens. Also our mini games in the app were designed to be integrated in with what is actually happening in the storyline. We felt this was important so that your child can feel like they are part of helping save the day. [Special note: Our music is done by the multi-talented singer, songwriter, composer, Tim Eilers, who also happens to be the voices of the turtles in The Rescue of Ginger, Mr. Butterman in Save The day, and most of the mice.]

What’s in it for me? For App Friday July 2nd, Madera & Figaro Save the Day will be set to FREE on iTunes! Act quickly (like a superhero) because the app will go back to regular price after the promotion ends.

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