App Friday: All About Dragons

Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. Today we are featuring a book app for dragon lovers called All About Dragons. Produced by StoryBoy, creators of over 20 book apps for kids, All About Dragons sums up the interesting and mystical features of dragon lore into one eye-catching app.  So where do dragons come from? Let’s turn some pages to find out!

What is your app about? StoryBoy Kids’ Books are beautifully illustrated, narrated, and interactive book apps for children between the ages of 1 to 7 years old. The simple navigation makes these book apps easy to use for young readers. The newest addition to the StoryBoy library, which includes more than 20 titles, is All About Dragons, a book that introduces dragonology for dragon lovers everywhere.

Why is it special? All About Dragons is an interactive book for children that teaches them fascinating trivia about these mythical beasts. You can learn interesting information about different types of dragons (and their life cycle) by exploring the book and discovering the hidden dragon secrets throughout the pages. Learn about ice dragons, mountain dragons, and fire dragons all within the gripping scenes and narration of this enchanting book.

What’s in it for me? On Friday June 25th, All About Dragons will be FREE to Download from the iTunes App Store. Don’t delay, because the special offer will end after Friday. [To compliment the promotion, Storyboy is offering the first FIVE comments on this post a promo code for their soon-to-be-released iPad game, Dragon Checkers!]
Related Apps StoryBoy offers a variety of books app for kids including the recently released The Nurse with the Red Clown Nose, a touching and heartwarming story about a child with cancer. The story deals with a difficult topic in a sensitive and easy-to-understand manner as it aims to teach kids about the disease and how to deal with adversity. All of StoryBoy’s proceeds from the sale of the app are donated to the Children’s Cancer Foundation.
App Friday Link Exchange Our goal at Moms With Apps is to spread the word about family-friendly apps. Do YOU have a favorite app to share? An app for reading, or just one your family enjoys? Please participate in our link exchange and post it down below. Include the app name in the Link Title, your email, and a URL to the app. Thanks for your participation!

9 thoughts on “App Friday: All About Dragons”

  1. All About Dragons has beautiful illustrations. Enjoyed the interesting facts sidebar. Appealing narrators voice. As a teacher I can see this app as a strong motivation device to encourage reluctant readers. Thank you!

  2. Great story and excellent artwork. All About Dragon is for sure a book app that all kids will love. My youngest was delighted and the older ones really enjoyed it. StoryBoy has really nice book apps that I would highly recommend.

  3. Thanks so much! I just downloaded All About Dragons. We love the free apps we’ve gotten so far by following you on Twitter. 🙂

  4. Wow–would love the Dragon Checkers companion app. Can’t wait to read the new book to my preschoolers tonight!

  5. Even before hot to Train your Dragon my sons have loved them.

    This is a great app.

    Thanks to Mom with Apps for Free App Fridays!

  6. aww.. missed out on the 1st five comments for ipad app. love the dragon concept. the graphics look great, dragons will be a hit among boys!

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