Why I Love My iPhone

Our feature this week is from Lisa Brandolo Johnson, co-founder of Grembe iPhone Apps and mother to three growing children. Lisa and her husband created a series of applications to help families march forward together. Their apps cover interactive communication, special needs, motivation, and record keeping. You name it, they are making it! Filled with creative energy and tremendous inspiration, this “Mom With Many Apps” shares why she values technology and how she uses it in her own own home.

I recently read a post on Twitter that asked “How do you know if someone you meet has an iPhone? Just wait a minute and they’ll probably tell you.”  It rang true for me since the iPhone did change my life. It sounds kind of silly since that is what people say about having kids too, but it is true.

Kids do change your life. They bring you lots of wonder but they also take up a lot of your time. As they grow up a little and become a little less dependent on you for their every need, moms need to find balance between the many parts of life that demand time. Kids, husbands, jobs, family, friends, hobbies, and our health. The balance can be elusive. That is why I love my iPhone. I’m not saying it equates to my mother-in-law watching the kids twice a week so I can still have a career, or the friend who will take my kids at the last minute if I need a break, but the iPhone does make my life easier.

Some nights I might get very little sleep if one of the kids is sick. I may have very little energy to care for my 3 young children. Instead of sitting them in front of the TV, I can lie in bed with them and my iPhone can read to us. We love the quality children’s literature by PicPocket Books, Storyboy, and Touchoo. We can all cuddle up together and no one knows if I close my eyes for a few minutes.

There are times when we have to wait in long lines, on bleachers while another child participates in a sport, or at a doctors office. Sure, we love talking together, but sometimes an educational diversion really comes in handy. I may have forgotten paper and crayons, but I can hand my child my iPhone and they can let their imagination soar with My Little Suitcase, or practice sorting, counting, or writing with TickleTapApps bundle pack.
Today was not only Mother’s Day, but also my daughter’s 6th birthday.  There was a lot to do. Her favorite breakfast was being made, preparations for a visit with family were underway, new toys were waiting to be taken out of their packaging, and all the while I wanted to capture her, the essence of her, on her birthday. Six years have gone by fast. My Pictures Talk allowed me to snap her photo and record her voice telling me what six years old meant to her. She wanted a porcelain plate and mug this am, not a plastic one from IKEA, because she was six. She is smart, she is tall, she knows how to take care of her brothers. She is six and I’ve got it all recorded with her picture on my iPhone.

My iPhone is fast becoming that object I’d try and rescue in a fire. It has memories on it that I don’t want to lose.  Sure I could grab a camcorder, but in the bustle of my home life, grabbing my iPhone and using apps is much easier.  In my attempts to balance all the pieces of motherhood, I love the things that help me parent more effectively.  Of course that list includes family and friends, but it also includes my iPhone.

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  1. Amen, sister!
    I’m a mom and a pastor’s wife. I’ve had an iPhone for a little over a month and can’t imagine my life without it!!! There truly is an app for nearly everything. It has my grocery lists, Bible, games/movies to entertain my son … I could go on and on. I have a fellow mom to thank for showing me her’s and explaining why someone who is “just a mom” needs one. Now I’m the one sharing it with other moms!!! Thanks for the article!

  2. Thanks Sue, Mimi, and Terri,
    It is nice to know I’m not alone in my thoughts and feelings! Thanks for taking the time to read. You listened to some of my favs, I’d love to hear what some of your favorites are as well. Finding that “great” app can be hard. Our moms with apps group is trying to find new ways to share. As of now, we invite everyone to share their favorite apps on # app friday. I also read appolicious because they have lots of lists of apps from all walks of life! Moms, students, educators, and more.

  3. I love the list functions such as Grocery Guru. I used to keep paper lists and of course leave them at home when I went shopping. My phone goest with me everywhere so I never have to worry about forgetting my list. Check out my app, Sleeping With the Laundry. It’s a book app. Let me know what you think!

  4. I’ve been getting carried away and downloading too many apps on my iPhone! Love the list functionality of the Grocery Guru to MoxieMom. Plus they now have some fun articles about saving money written by moms…. and its free 🙂

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