App Friday: Round is a Mooncake

Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. Today we are featuring Round is a Mooncake, a children’s picture book brought to the iPhone and iPod Touch by PicPocket Books. The PicPocket Books Apps range from board book style books to concept books, easy readers, fairy tales and more.

What is the book about?
Round Is A Mooncake, A Book of Shapes, explores the shapes of Asian and universal objects in a young girls’ urban neighborhood. The Mooncake app retains the charm and simplicity of the print version while introducing interactive features on the mobile digital platform. Touch the mouse, cat, crickets, abacus and more to find all the hidden sounds in the app.

Why is it special?
Originally published by Chronicle Books, an independent publisher of distinctive books, Round Is A Mooncake, A Book of Shapes, is a multi-cultural gem of a book. Bright, whimsical art accompanies narrative rhyme and a short glossary adds cultural significance to the objects featured in the book. The author, Roseanne Thong, and the illustrator, Grace Lin (2010 Newbery Honor recipient), have both won numerous awards for their work.

What’s in it for me?
PicPocket Books is offering FREE DOWNLOADS FROM THE APP STORE ON FRIDAY, APRIL 2ND of Round is a Mooncake. This is the perfect time to add a bright new title to your virtual library!

App Friday Link Exchange
Do you have a family-friendly app to share, either a personal favorite or one you developed yourself? Please, post it in the link below! This way, visitors can see a variety of apps for kids and families. Include your name (with app name) in the Link Title, your email, and a URL to the app. Once you submit this in the Simply Linked form, it shows up just like example #1 in the link below. Thank you for your participation!

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