App Friday: iLiveMath Animals of Africa

Welcome to App Friday, our weekly link exchange of family-friendly apps. Today we are featuring iLiveMath Animals of Africa, a collaborative educational math and zoology app for Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad – developed by iHomeEducator.

What is the game about?
The iLiveMath series blends illustrative worldly concepts with math problems, to make math interesting and applicable for kids. Abby (daughter and 6th grade product manager over at iHomeEducator) says that iLiveMath is a new way to do math that combines challenging word problems and cool pictures of African Animals. The levels include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and percentages for 1st through 6th grade math.

Why is it special?
Inspired from a family trip to a safari park after a lively conversation about animals, this app was developed jointly by the Mom, Dad and kids over at iHomeEducator. Abby describes the unique features of the app best here:

This app can also help learn not only math but what groups of animals are called. For example, did you know a group of peacocks is called a “muster”? Or a group of rhinos is called a “Crash of Rhinos”? Sure does sound familiar with the way rhinos act and the way peacocks gather. I didn’t know that until I played with the app. There can be a lot you don’t know about wild life that can be very fun.

What’s in it for me?
The folks at iHomeEducator are offering FREE DOWNLOADS FROM THE APP STORE ON FRIDAY, MARCH 26th of iLiveMath Animals of Africa. It’s Wild – so don’t miss out!

App Friday Link Exchange
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