App Friday January 20th, 2017

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Bring your artwork to life with FishyPaint, go on a musical world tour with the new free-to-try Jazzy World Tour, and learn about plants with the beautiful Bloom. Plus, iPhone tips for family travel, and do language learning apps work?

Garry Froehlich 
Jellybean Tunes

by Shmonster, LLC

Your own artwork comes to life and swims in FishyPaint. Kids can photograph their drawings, paintings, collages, even toys, and watch them animate in this colorful underwater scene. Video iPhone and iPad: Free

Developer: Shmonster LLC
Price: Free

Note: If you like FishyPaint, the developers are also looking for beta testers for their follow up app, PuppetMaster.

Jazzy World Tour FREE – A Musical Journey for Kids
by The Melody Book

Join our two kittens on a magical journey as they travel the world in a hot air balloon. Visit Brazil, Japan, Spain, India, Australia, Ireland, Russia and more as we explore each country’s unique music and culture. Video iPhone and iPad: Free + In-App Purchases

by Lemming Labs

Emotion match! by the Cleveland Play House is a simple matching game. Select one face and then select another to make a match. Race and gender don’t matter, just try and match the emotions. Developed in Partnership with the United States Department of Education. iPad: Free

Developer: Lemming Labs
Price: Free

by Megalearn AB

Has your child ever wondered why trees produce delicious fruits and berries? Or why dandelions release their seeds into the air? In Bloom, your child explores the ingenious strategies used by plants to spread their seeds. Megalearn is a Swedish studio making educational apps with gorgeous graphics. We believe that to acquire true knowledge, kids need to learn more than names and facts. Therefore, we make apps that help kids discover how the world works. iPhone and iPad: 4.99

Bloom by Megalearn
Developer: Megalearn AB
Price: $4.99

iPhone Tips for Family Travel
by Lorraine Akemann

“We just returned from an overseas trip, and I want to share how our family used the iPhone as a travel helper. With certain apps and settings in place, it was easy to navigate, communicate and prepare for our adventure. Here are our top 10 iPhone tips for family travel…” Read more on Moms With Apps.

Do Gamified Language Learning Apps Work?

“Gamified language learning applications are enjoying millions of downloads, and a certain degree of popular prestige, with Duolingo being named Apple’s app of the year for 2013. These apps use points systems, power ups and other game mechanics to make the memorization of foreign vocabulary and grammar rules more engaging and exciting, but are they able to make students proficient in their target language?” Read More at the Tech Edvocate.

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Simple Phone Apps To Help Adults With Special Needs

Recently I was approached to help a family find phone apps for their adult son with special needs. I reached out to the developer community and discovered multiple apps and suggestions to help make digital communication easier. Here are some of their ideas for simple phone apps:

Favorites tab on iOS phone app

The first tab on the iPhone’s phone app is called Favorites. Adding contacts to Favorites enables a picture-based view of each contact, along with an info button with one-tap access to their text, phone, FaceTime or email. Taking a few minutes to set up a user’s Favorites can provide instant access to communication.


EasyPhone connects contacts to a friendly face, and was designed especially to help people with cognitive challenges navigate the phone successfully. This app was recommended by Bridging Apps, a comprehensive website featuring apps for people with disabilities.

EasyPhone App
Developer: HJ Holdings LLC
Price: $0.99

Koala Phone for Google Play

Large keyboard and readable text makes this phone easy to use without glasses. Available in 30 languages, Koala Phone links to other apps like camera and flashlight but uses its large text and icon interface. More information at

Koala Phone Launcher Free
Developer: Tomas Slavicek
Price: Free+


Designed by parents especially for kids, Kidofon is made to simplify phone use for young users in order to reach family members in case of an emergency. Picture-based icons are activated at the touch of a finger.

Kindoma video chat

Kindoma offers video chat features to keep families connected. Designed with young users in mind, Kindoma has two apps for drawing and storytelling. Kindoma was recommended as a potential fit for any user seeking creative and friendly ways to communicate with family.

Drawtime by Kindoma
Developer: Kindoma
Price: $4.99

Do you have any additional apps or recommendations to round out this list? Leave a comment and I’ll keep the post updated.

Lorraine Akemann | Co-Founder and Editor | Moms With Apps

Photo credit [Flickr public domain]

App Friday January 13th, 2017

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This week kids can enjoy the story of the King’s Ears (narrated by Terry Jones), play a game of spot the twins by themselves or with a friend, and learn how to combine sentences. Plus, Oysters by Checkhov, KidloLand, and a preview of a cool robotics set from Lego.

Garry Froehlich 
Jellybean Tunes

The King’s Ears
by Rascal Media Inc.

The King’s Ears is an inventive, beautifully illustrated, animation-rich, and highly interactive story app adapted from an award-winning children’s picturebook. It is narrated by Terry Jones of Monty Python fame and illustrated by Philippe Béhà, a lauded children’s book illustrator of over 170 books. The story, based on the ancient Greek myth of King Midas, has been retold for a modern audience by poet and early childhood specialist Katarina Jovanovic. Shining with wisdom and wit, The King’s Ears is about accepting yourself just the way you are. iPad: 3.99

The King's Ears
Price: $3.99

Twinnery – Spot the Twins
by Funny Yummy Studio UG

Two kids – one screen? We know this issue! Twinnery offers endless fun when you play with a friend or on your own! Search the themed panels on screen and see the matching object before your opponent does or before the time is out. iPhone and iPad: 1.99

Oysters, by Chekhov
by StoryMax

“Oysters” is a short story by Chekhov retold to kids with animations, sound effects, and interactivity aimed to trigger reflection about humanitarian challenges of our time. “Oysters” introduces the theme of hunger by a narrative about the thoughts and feelings of a child affected by this “strange disease”. The engaging reading invites the youths to reflect on the SDG 2 (zero hunger) and the sense of community as a solution to reduce the world hunger. iPhone and iPad: Free

Sentence Combining
by Dianne Macdonald

Sentence Combining focuses on providing different ways that students can combine two simple sentences into a grammatically complex sentence. Research shows that practicing sentence combining activities helps increase the complexity of written language. This activity teaches students to use conjunctions, adverbs, adjectives and other linking words to make more interesting and complex sentences.  Designed by a Speech-Language Pathologist for students age 8 and up. iPad: 4.99

Sentence Combining
Developer: Dianne Macdonald
Price: $4.99

by Internet Design Zone

KidloLand is loved by kids under 5 years. Kids can learn ABCs, animals, fruits, vegetables, phonics, shapes and more with the help of 1000+ interactive nursery rhymes, songs, stories and educational activities. The app is ad free and new content is added every month so that parents never run out of new options for their babies. Download songs and use the app offline in road trips, flights, doctor waiting rooms or to keep kids engaged at home. iPhone and iPad: Free + In-App Purchases Google Play: Free + In-App Purchases Amazon: Free + In-App Purchases

Lego Boost: Build Walking and Talking Robots with Lego

The Consumer Electronics Show wrapped up recently. This year Lego had an announcement that made me take notice. Lego Boost, coming later this year, includes motors and sensors that apparently lets kids build moving, talking robots. The companion app contains instructions as well as an interface to send commands or program actions for their creations.

Engadget has a video and article that explains the set.

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Top 10 iPhone Tips for Family Travel

We just returned from an overseas trip, and I want to share how our family used the iPhone as a travel helper. With certain apps and settings in place, it was easy to navigate, communicate and prepare for our adventure. Here are our top 10 iPhone tips for family travel:

1) Adjust settings to avoid international cell phone charges

I wanted to ensure that having our iPhones didn’t accidentally incur huge overseas data rates. Before we left the house, all family members opened their iPhone Settings app and turned airplane mode on, and cell data off. When we arrived at our destination, we left airplane mode on but enabled Wi-Fi. This allowed us to use hotel Wi-Fi for connectivity without activating the local cellular network.

We had one person with an international data plan for phone use while away from the hotel. Everyone else kept airplane mode on, cell data off, and used hotel Wi-Fi for connectivity.

2) Set the World Clock with home and away destinations

Jet lag can be a challenge, especially with kids. Knowing what time it was back home helped us plan sleep and wake times during the first few days in a new time zone.

3) Use the alarm to wake up during jet lag

Our first local outing was to the Harry Potter Warner Brothers tour near London. Our bus was leaving early and we certainly didn’t want to miss it. We relied on the iPhone’s alarm to wake us up, and it worked great (although we were so excited I think most of us were awake well before the alarm!).

4) Open Google Maps for navigation assistance

While driving a rental car in Wales, we learned that some castles can be hard to find. With my husband’s iPhone (he’s the one with the international data plan) we used Google Maps to analyze our location and find the correct routes. Using Google Maps is effective for double checking locations and routes in real time, especially when road signs are in Welsh.

5) Check weather apps for rain

Winter travel requires the right gear. Checking the iPhone’s Weather app (or Yahoo Weather) helped us determine the hour-by-hour forecast for our location. If rain was in the forecast for the day, then we knew to pack umbrellas and raincoats.

6) Browse Safari for museum or attraction open hours

We were traveling over the winter holidays, including Christmas and New Years. We needed to find out if certain museums and attractions were open during the times we wanted to visit. It was helpful to open Safari and check their websites in advance so we could plan our visits accordingly.

7) Download digital camera apps to transfer pictures

This was my first trip using a Nikon digital camera. I did not need to rely on my iPhone for pictures. Instead, I carried around an actual camera. My Nikon works with an app called SnapBridge that uses bluetooth to communicate between the camera and the iPhone. This app enabled me to pull any pictures I needed from my camera onto my iPhone.

8) Activate AirDrop to share photos between family members

A daughter’s eye view can be quite different from a mom’s eye view. Both of my daughters enjoyed taking photos during the trip, and it was interesting to see the difference in our perspectives. I would line up a shot based on landscape, and they tended to zoom in more closely on subject. Looking through their photos at the end of the day offered a bright and lively point of view on our shared experiences. If I wanted a photo of theirs, we could share files easily via AirDrop.

To access AirDrop on an iPhone, simply swipe up from the bottom of any screen.

9) Check Khan Academy for information on historic sites

I like art museums. But some museums can be boring if you don’t have context. Before our last two big trips, we searched Khan Academy for information about our destinations. I downloaded the Khan Academy app so we could play art history videos from Khan Academy on Apple TV. This was especially helpful for learning about Tate Britain, home of Ophelia and The Lady of Shalott. When we finally arrived to the Tate in person, my daughters were connected to the experience because they learned about those paintings in advance of the visit.

10) Connect with friends over Instagram, email, or WhatsApp to share adventures

We enjoyed sharing special moments with friends and family back home. Thanks to WhatsApp, we were able to wish our cousin a happy birthday. Thanks to Instagram, we were able to pick our favorite photos and post them to friends. Thanks to email, we were able to communicate status and highlights with grandparents and close family. Making positive connections with people we care about added to the enrichment of the trip.

Bonus #11) Add a passcode to feel more secure in case of loss or theft

I was worried that at some point in the trip I’d lose my iPhone. In the event it fell into a villain’s hands, I wanted to keep my data secure. Adding a passcode helped me feel a little bit better about keeping my information safe.

To add a passcode, go to Settings, and then Touch ID and Passcode.

Bon voyage!

Lorraine Akemann | Co-Founder and Editor | Moms With Apps

Photo credit [Flickr Creative Commons]

App Friday January 6th, 2017

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Happy New Year! Save bits of the world with the Artist Mortimer 2, solve problems with shapes in RelationShapes, and discover food around the world with Art Stories. Plus, a Sun to Moon Sleep Clock for kids, More 4 Monkey, and the top apps of 2016 from Geeks With Juniors.

Garry Froehlich 
Jellybean Tunes

The Artist Mortimer 2
by OCG Studios

Mortimer is an artist who more than anything loves to paint. Whatever he puts on the canvas stays there and whatever he adds to his painting he adds to the world. Mortimer want’s to save bits of the world. A simple and sweet story about an artist who saves bits of the world, enlivened with lovely music, great interactivity and narration. Story written and illustrated by Bo Zaunders. iPhone and iPad: 0.99

The Artist Mortimer 2
Developer: OCG Studios
Price: $0.99

by VizuVizu

RelationShapes is devoted to developing young children’s (recommended ages 4-6) visual-spatial reasoning and creative problem solving skills through open-ended play! Video iPad: Free

Developer: vizuvizu
Price: Free

Art Stories World Food
by Art Stories

World Food is the first app developed by Art Stories in partnership with MUBA, the Childrens’ Museum of Milan, Italy. It translates into a digital language the approach of Children’s Museums around the world: encouraging children to discover the world through play and intuition rather than a direct transmission of ideas. What is eaten around the world? And how are tables laid?

In a journey around the world, children discover what happens in eight countries: Italy, France, Russia, Morocco, India, Japan, Mexico, United States. There is a table to lay in each country, and a meal to prepare, and cutlery to arrange… and for each one, you’ll find a recipe, to do at home! Moreover you can find other two activities about food: you can lay a table of your choice, with all your favourite food; and you can prepare your birthday table with muffins, cakes, and sweets… Video iPhone, iPad, iMessage: 2.99 Google Play: 1.99

Art Stories World Food
Developer: Art Stories srl
Price: $2.99

Sun to Moon Sleep Clock
by Michael Sibley

A children’s visual alarm clock app with star countdown, sleep rewards, accompanying craft activity and custom artwork by artist Michael Sibley. Read More iPhone and iPad: 0.99 Google Play: 3.99

Sun to Moon Sleep Clock
Developer: Michael Sibley
Price: $3.99

More 4 Monkey
by Cognitive ToyBox

More 4 Monkey is a science-backed game that helps children practice their intuitive sense of quantity, or number sense. Research shows that children who play digital number sense games demonstrate better math performance (on tests of counting, number identification, addition, etc.) when compared to control groups. More 4 Monkey is adaptive and continually challenges a child’s number sense. Video iPhone and iPad: Free + In-App Purchase

Top 60 Best Apps for Kids 2016

Geeks With Juniors rounds up their top picks for kids apps in 2016, and it should come as no surprise that I agree with a lot of their choices – we’ve featured many of those same apps. See the list

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App Friday December 23rd, 2016

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It’s almost Christmas, and your kids can get into the spirit of the season with Ecoamigos Christmas from Kidloom. You can also snap up some great apps free or discounted from Vyaap, the Flitlits, and PKCLsoft. If you can’t get enough iMessage stickers, MojiLala promises new stickers each month. Plus, kids can explore musical instruments with The Froggy Bands, discover art with The Art of Paul Klee, and play fun games and learn a little math with TotemUp.

We’re off next week, but we’ll return in the new year with more great apps!

Garry Froehlich 
Jellybean Tunes

Music Games | The Froggy Bands
by TangibleFun

In the colorful land of The Froggy Bands you’ll find 10 different musical bases with more than 40 instruments, along with sounds to learn and games for children which introduce them to the magical world of music. Video iPhone and iPad: 2.99 Google Play: 2.99

Music Games: The Froggy Bands

Ecoamigos Christmas (for Google Play)
by Kidloom

Help our beloved team of Ecoamigos in a Christmas quest through fantastic mini-games. This app was designed to enhance the Christmas spirit and to help children to develop skills such as classifying, conceptualizing, concentration and logical thinking. Video  Google Play: Free + In-App Purchase.

Ecoamigos Christmas
Developer: Kidloom
Price: Free+

ExplorArt Klee – The Art of Paul Klee, for Kids
by Lapisly S.C.P.

This beautifully designed interactive picture book introduces kids to the dreamlike works of the 20th century Swiss-German master. Paul Klee’s art pieces come alive as enchanted animated scenes that children can explore with their own free imagination and creativity. Upon opening the app, users are greeted by a young boy, Cice, and Ku, his cat assistant. These two playful friends serve as guides to PK planet, a very special place that came to life thanks to the works of this great artist. Video iPad: 4.99

by Minilab Studios

TotemUp is a building app aimed at children aged 2-5, helping to introduce math concepts such as counting and addition in a relaxed and fun environment. First, choose an egg to hatch into a crazy creature, then customize its features and add it to your totem stack. Gradually build up your stack using totem blocks of all shapes and sizes, until you have completed a stack of 10! Finally, shake your device and play with your creation, before watching the creatures tumble and roll when you explode the tower, ready to start over! Video iPhone and iPad: 1.99 Google Play: Free + In-App Purchases Amazon: Free + In-App Purchases

Developer: Minilab Ltd
Price: $1.99

MojiLaLa Unlimited
by MojiLaLa

MojiLaLa is Netflix for stickers. Users get 10,000+ stickers each month, refreshed every day with new stickers from artists all over the world. You can always find the right emoji to express a feeling or emotion, plus people love to receive fun emojis from friends! It’s a perfect way to bring more light, love and happiness into people’s lives. iMessage: Free + Subscription

Links to Free Apps in December

All of Vyaap’s apps (and in-app purchases) are free from December 23-26, including Elastic Alphabets. See a review at Teachers With Apps, and their apps on the Apple App Store.

All of the Flitlits apps are free until the end of December. Find them on the Apple App Store.

PKCLsoft has discounted most of their apps until the end of 2016, including Money Up! (see the review from Geeks With Juniors), Tap Times Tables and more. Their apps on available on the Apple App Store.

More Holiday Apps

Developers keep releasing their holiday apps, right up to the minute. We are trying to keep up with them on this Holiday Apps 2016 post. Check it out if you are interested in festive, wintery themes.

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Fun with New iOS 10.2 Emojis

Sometimes new emoji characters are released in a software update, just like they were this December with iOS 10.2. Reading the update notes, I was pleased to see new emojis from Unicode 9.0, in addition to new emojis representing professions, added to the keyboard on my iPhone’s operating system.

New iOS 10.2 emojis

To best understand what was added I consulted one of my favorite emoji websites, Emojipedia. Their changelog and video provide an overview of the latest. Notable additions include gender diversity, food, sports, animals and professions. For example, now there is a dancing man, in addition to a dancing woman. We also have scientists, teachers, mechanics, a croissant, and even water polo players!

Can you find your favorite new emoji?

One way to become familiar with the enhanced emoji keyboard is by picking out favorites. My daughter and I did this after updating our phones. She sent me the cowboy-hat smiley face, and I sent her the pizza. Sounds a little silly, but the more interaction I build with my kids, the better!

Which emoji most reflects your identity?

Can you find your hobby, interest or profession on the emoji keyboard? As a blogger, I quite like the lady technologist. Similarly, I like the lady mechanic because I could have used that after fixing our household pipes the other day. Which ones would you use to describe yourself?

Do you use emoji combinations?

My friend recently sent an “XO” emoji combination in a holiday message. I hadn’t seen that before, but thought the hugs, represented with emojis, were cute and creative. What new combinations will be made with this latest set of emoji characters? Keep your eyes open – only time will tell.

What’s coming in 2017?

Curious about the next emoji update? Me too. I’d like to see if they add ballerina or pointe shoe emojis for my daughter and her friends. This is important stuff! Head to the Unicode website to keep up with the plans. Don’t see what you like? Then make a submission. The more we participate, the more we can help grow and diversify this new method of communication.

Lorraine Akemann | Co-Founder and Editor | Moms With Apps

Photo credit [Emojipedia video screenshot]

App Friday December 16th, 2016

Get into the Christmas spirit with our very own Christmas Kid’s Piano (half price), or the quirky and beautiful Moonlight Express. Build toys in Grandpa’s Toy Shop (brand new from Fairlady Media), learn ABCs with Trilo Music ABC, and get iESLp at 50% off this weekend. Plus, we have a roundup of Christmas apps, tech toys and book apps from the kids app community.

Garry Froehlich 
Jellybean Tunes

Christmas Kid’s Piano
by Jellybean Tunes

Popular carols, seasonal sounds, beautiful background tracks and colourful images let kids create holiday music magic with Christmas Kid’s Piano. Our themed piano incorporates songs, background music choices, instruments, sounds and images designed to make it easy for kids to create their own music that evokes the holiday season. iPhone and iPad: 0.99 (Half Price)

Grandpa’s Toy Shop
by Fairlady Media

Design, build, and decorate ten different kinds of toys to sell in Grandpa’s Toy Shop! After you use your creative skills to make a new toy, you will have the satisfaction of seeing your unique toy on display in the shop. Then it’s time to advertise and price the toys, help customers, use the cash register, and clean up the shop. As the toys get sold, you’ll build new toys to restock the inventory. As always, Grandpa is a warm and wonderful coach! Ages 6-9. Video iPhone and iPad: 2.99

Grandpa's Toy Shop
Developer: Fairlady Media
Price: $2.99

Moonlight Express

Moonlight Express is a refreshingly new game to save Christmas. A noble quest for all ages filled with atmospheric music and beautiful graphics. Video

Moonlight Express
Developer: Damir Stuhec
Price: $0.99

Trilo Music ABC
by Trilo Interactive AB

Trilo Music ABC, from the creators of award winning Trilo Spelling, is an innovative game that introduces children to the wonderful world of letters. There are 3 educational games that help your child quickly learn their ABCs through an interactive alphabet, children’s songs and open gameplay. Each game provides a new hands-on experience for children to have endless fun while learning the name of each letter in the alphabet and the sounds they represent. Video iPhone and iPad: Free

Trilo Music ABC
Price: Free

by iESLp App

iESLp-The app with infinite possibilities for speech, language, education and so much more. Create custom boards to use interactively, or print and share. Easily make visuals, games, worksheets, core vocabulary, or sentences with 20,000 Symbolstix graphics included. Add cute Scrappin Doodle in-app purchased graphics to spruce things up, or add your own photos. Record your own voice on any picture, either graphic or written text. iPad: 9.99 (Half Price Friday to Sunday)

Price: $19.99+

Holiday Apps for 2016

Looking for more Christmas apps? Lorraine Akemann has put together a great list of apps (all new or updated for this year). See the rest at Moms With Apps.

Tech Toys for Christmas

Physical toys that work with tablets and computers have become more popular the past couple of years. Teachers with Apps has put together a list of tech toys that manages to balance entertainment and learning. See the list at Teachers With Apps.

The Best Book Apps About Christmas

Digital Storytime has been reviewing book apps for as long as there have been book apps. They’ve collected a list of great Christmas apps, including new apps and true classics. See the list at Digital Storytime.

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Talking with Teens about Snapchat Groups

Snapchat announced a new group chat feature just in time for the holidays. Groups allows up to 16 friends to communicate on a chat. Separate, 1 on 1 chats can occur simultaneously by tapping a group member’s name on the bottom of a group chat. Returning to Groups is as simple as a swipe.

I’m not an avid Snapchat user, and nor is my daughter, but many of her friends are on Snapchat. In case she gets called into group chats with the release of this new feature, I want to have a conversation about how it works.

Conversations about new technology can provide interesting ways to keep up with the trends. This way, my daughter knows I’m aware of the new feature, and we have an open communication channel for learning how to use it best.

Here are some topic ideas for talking with teens about Snapchat Groups:

  • Can you show me how to use this new feature?
  • What do you like about it?
  • Do you have any concerns about group chat?
  • Do you communicate the same thing to a group that you would in a 1 on 1 conversation?
  • What would happen if you thought you were talking 1 on 1, but the message instead went to the whole group?
  • How can you navigate carefully to make sure you know where your message is being sent?
  • Even if the group chat is deleted after 24 hours, how many people might have saved a portion of it? How is this possible?
  • How many times per day or week do you check Snapchat? Do you think Groups will impact this frequency, either more or less?

These are merely some ideas for starting points. It’s not always possible for every parent to know every feature of every app on a consistent basis. What is possible, is to care consistently about how are kids are managing themselves online – and then talk about it!

Read the Snapchat app review from Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media has a thorough Snapchat review covering how Snapchat works, potential parental concerns, user reviews, and more talking points for families. Dig in at Common Sense Media, or watch the video if you’d prefer a visual summary.

Happy chatting, and happy holidays!

Lorraine Akemann | Co-Founder and Editor | Moms With Apps

App Friday December 9th, 2016

Get At the Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa free this Friday from Fairlady Media, build a town and learn words with the delightful MiniMo Town, explore and create with Eric Carle’s Brown Bear Animal Parade, and visit space with Gigi Space Adventure. Plus, an amazing update to the popular My PlayHome lets two kids on different devices play together!

Garry Froehlich 
Jellybean Tunes

At the Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa
by Fairlady Media

Do you know what a Malayan tapir is? Let’s go to the zoo to find out! Fix the animal signs, color a zebra, add up the visitors, solve puzzles, feed the penguins, put on a seal show, dig for fossils, and more in this amazing 10th app in the popular Grandma and Grandpa collection! Designed for ages 6-8. Video iPhone and iPad: Free Friday (Regularly 2.99)

MiniMo Town
by MiniMo

MiniMo Town is a fun new casual learning builder game for children (5-9 years). In Minimo Town, you build your own city, and learn English letters, sounds and words in the process. But watch out for the four naughty monsters. Video iPhone and iPad: 2.99 Google Play: 2.99

Minimo Town
Developer: Minimo
Price: $1.99

My PlayHome
by PlayHome Software Ltd

Introducing PartnerPlay! Play together on two iPads/iPhones in the same room! With the latest release, just start a My PlayHome app on both devices and a new, blue start button will appear on the welcome screen when it detects another nearby device. Requires iOS8 or higher.

My PlayHome is the original and best dolls house app. Massively interactive, your kids can explore and use everything in the house. The characters eat, sleep, shower, brush their teeth and more. Want the room to be darker? Close the drapes! Fancy a change in music? Pop a different CD into the stereo! iPhone and iPad: 2.99

My PlayHome
Price: $3.99

Eric Carle’s Brown Bear Animal Parade
by StoryToys

Join the lovable Brown Bear as he explores his world and encounters new friends. Meet Red Bird, Yellow Duck, Green Frog and other characters. Color the animals and have fun creating your own unique sounds and music. Children will love recording their voices as they sing along and make their own animal noises. Video iPhone and iPad: 2.99

Gigi Space Adventure for Kids
by Appelsin Apps

This space game will help your child to understand more about the space, earth and how the sun goes up and down in an easy and educational way. Video iPhone and iPad: 1.99

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